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Mushroom Coffee Alternatives - Benefits & What It Is

Coffee is undeniably one of the most popular beverages on planet earth. Add creamer, sugar and… medicinal mushrooms? Now things are getting fungi. That’s right—Mushroom powders have become a hot addition and alternative to coffee. These functional and adaptogenic mushrooms are non-psychoactive and 100% legal.

If you’re cringing at the idea of mushrooms floating around in your cup of joe, fear not! These blends utilize grounded mushrooms that are turned into extract powders for the purpose of being mixed with liquid. This all might seem like another supplement fad, but mushrooms have been used as a healthy alternative to caffeine and immune-enhancer for thousands of years. 

Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee comes in many different forms. There’s instant mushroom coffee, coffee-free powders and brews. Regardless of your preferred method, one thing is certain, mushroom coffee benefits can be attributed to medicinal mushrooms. These superfoods from the fungi kingdom have unique bioactive compounds shown to support several areas of health. Here are the most common mushroom types used to replace coffee and their health benefits. 

Cordyceps for energy 

Cordyceps mushroom is the great energizer from the fungi kingdom. Cordyceps contains compounds reported to increase oxygen intake during exercise, promote sexual health and improve motivation. Cordyceps militaris, also referred to as caterpillar fungus, is the perfect mushroom for sustainable energy to help you conquer your mornings, workouts and goals. 

Loin’s mane for focus 

Lion’s mane is the nootropic mushroom for brain support. Lion’s mane hericium erinaceus is used to promote focus and cognitive function. It has also been reported to reduce anxiety and support better sleep. Also referred to as hedgehog or pom pom, this genius mushroom contains special compounds (erinacines and hericenones) that pass the blood brain barrier and provide long-lasting cognitive support. Instead of brain fog or crashing from caffeine, contribute to your mind’s full potential with lion’s mane mushrooms. 

Reishi for immunity 

Reishi or lingzhi is referred to as the mushroom of immortality due to its abundance of antioxidants and unique beta-glucans. The adaptogenic mushroom has shown great promise in combating stress and supporting immune-function, two important benefits that stand-alone coffee doesn’t offer. A USP analysis in collaboration with nature demonstrated that 74% of reishi products in America don’t contain healthy compounds supported by science! It’s important to understand how to find the right coffee substitute with authentic mushrooms. 

Mushroom blends

Functional mushrooms are typically combined with several other species for enhanced benefits, including turkey tail, chaga, tremella, shiitake, maitake, and king oyster mushroom. NutroMushroom’s Not Coffee mushroom blend takes it a step further by adding 8 species of mushrooms, raw cacao, chicory, meringa, carob, and other plants for even stronger results—similar to coffee without the side effects. 

Mushroom Studies

Now you’re familiar with the main benefits of functional mushrooms and why it’s a great alternative to coffee. Access citations and links to scientific studies about the mushroom health benefits mentioned in this article. 

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