Why Choose Nutromushroom?

The NutroMushroom Difference

 NutroMushroom is changing the mushroom industry with more transparency, third-party lab tests, actionable education, and expert-formulated products. We are health professionals with years of specialized schooling and clinical experience. This equips us with the knowledge to provide clean and potent mushroom supplements.

Optimal Mushroom Species

Did you know there are several species of lion’s mane, shiitake, cordyceps, and other top functional mushrooms? Most of those species are NOT backed by clinical research. For example, there is believed to be approximately 2000 species of reishi, but only one of them is heavily supported with scientific studies. Companies are cutting corners and using non-optimal lion’s mane, reishi other mushrooms that lack the healthy compounds you’re seeking. NutroMushroom only provides verified species of mushrooms with science-proven health benefits. We provide detailed information about the best mushroom species of lion's mane and others.

Formulated By Experts

All NutroMushroom supplements are formulated and approved by Max Lowenstein, Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Dietitians are the ultimate specialists when it comes to making recommendations for human consumption and dietary supplements. There is no one better equipped to ensure that mushroom products are free from deleterious ingredients. Dietitians are the most qualified professionals to guide your mushroom supplementation. 

Third-Party Lab Tests

Our mushroom products are third-party lab tested to protect customers and ensure purity. Many businesses rely on lab results from their personal facility or manufacturers. We take it a step further and use accredited laboratories that are completely unbiased with no affiliation to NutroMushroom.

Science-Backed Ingredients

Beta glucans are the healthy compounds found in mushrooms supported by scientific research. These polysaccharides account for many of the benefits associated with functional mushrooms, including improved cognition, digestion, immunity, skin health, stress relief, and more. Most mushroom companies don’t list their beta glucan percentage (because it's typically negligible). NutroMushroom tinctures and powders come with lab results confirming 30% or more beta glucans, which is an industry-leading amount.