About Us

Max Lowenstein, RDN MCN

Max Lowenstein, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, has dedicated his life to helping others heal. He has amassed a wide range of certifications in fields related to health and alternative therapies. Max specializes in taking the microbiology of a topic and applying it to the macrocosm of the human experience. He combines all of these practices to provide holistic solutions for overall wellness.

Max has gained world-wide recognition and millions of social media followers. He focuses on underlying conditions of dis-ease instead of the symptoms, which results in long-term and life-changing benefits. 

Max was inspired to make his own mushroom and plant-based products to share science-backed remedies supported by ancient wisdom that could be of service to as many people as possible. Max uses his expertise as a Registered Dietitian to create pure and effective natural products with optimal ingredients.

Liz Lowenstein, RDN

Liz is a Registered Dietitian and published author. She has accumulated real-life clinical experience that uniquely positions her to formulate optimal mushroom supplements. Liz worked in a rehab center that helped people recover from severe injuries, including brain damage, strokes and other serious issues. She also worked at a cancer hospital preparing nutritional drinks to meet patient’s specific needs. This equipped Liz to understand what makes a mushroom drink truly effective for human consumption. Liz’s love of yoga provides her with a unique perspective and holistic approach to health. Both Liz and Max are vegan and completely immersed in the mushroom/plant-based lifestyle.