How to choose the best mushroom coffee alternative drink

Mushroom Coffee Expert Guide

Millions of people are switching from coffee to mushroom extract powders for added health benefits. They are seeking sustainable energy without the crash, dependence, or jitters of caffeine. However, choosing where to buy the best mushroom coffee substitute requires knowledge and guidance from professionals. In this article, Registered Dietitians who specialize in mushroom and plant-based diets explain how to make the best mushroom coffee alternative purchasing decisions. Demand for the benefits of mushroom coffee replacements is on the rise. With this increase in interest, hundreds of mushroom java brands have emerged. 

Mushroom Coffee Experts

Max Lowenstein, Registered Dietitian and Master of Clinical Nutrition, specializes is assessing supplements to determine their efficacy and purity. This involves understanding various ingredients and the science behind those ingredients.

Liz Lowenstein, Registered Dietitian, has extensive clinical experience. This includes preparing nutritional drinks for cancer patients in the hospital.

Both Max and Liz are sponsored athletes, published authors and 100% plant-based. Below is their overview about medicinal mushrooms and pro tips for choosing the right fungi alternative to coffee. 

What are medicinal mushrooms?

Traditional medicine used mushrooms to treat illness, improve beauty, restore immunity, strengthen spirituality, protect the gut, and so much more. Today, scientific studies are backing ancient wisdom with breakthrough research about the medicinal properties of mushrooms. Fungi are the most ancient multi-level organisms on earth. We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to their healing potential. 

Choosing the Best Mushroom Coffee

These tips will make you well equipped to pick the best natural alternatives to coffee. 

  1. Ensure you’re getting the optimal species of mushroom. For example, reishi is a genus believed to contain over 2000 species. However, only the ganoderma lucidum species is heavily supported by science. A United States Pharmacopeia study found that 74% of reishi products in America contain NO healthy compounds.
  2. Verify beta-glucan concentrations, the unique bioactive compound responsible for most of the benefits of mushrooms mentioned in clinical studies. NutroMushroom has an industry-leading amount of 30% or more beta-glucans.
  3. Check to see if you’re getting the fruiting body or mycelium. The vast majority of research related to human consumption is focused on actual mushrooms (fruiting body) and not rooting networks (mycelium). Mycelium also makes it hard to determine exactly how much mushroom is included because there’s grain and filler to consider.
  4. Proper dosage is so important. Most companies don’t include enough mushrooms to align with what’s working in clinical research settings. We mention the best dose for each species in our mushroom supplementation guide.
  5. There are certain plants that can enhance your waking ritual when combined with mushrooms. For example, dandelion and carob are extremely detoxifying. Raw cacao (when unprocessed) contains a special molecule that can fuel you on a cellular level.

NutroMushroom’s mushroom-powered alternative to coffee checks all the boxes. It contains 1500mg of organic mushrooms, 8 fruiting bodies, an industry-leading potency of 30% or more beta-glucans, and powerful plants for side benefits. Instead of side effects from coffee, support your tummy, mental health and cells with functional mushrooms!

Why mushroom coffee substitutes?

Functional mushrooms can provide a natural energy boost and reduce caffeine cravings. Caffeine makes you feel artificially alert and awake. It simply covers adenosine receptors and fatigue instead of helping you overcome it. When our bodies and minds feel excessively tired, there might be an underlying deficiency or issue. Caffeine can mask those important messages from our bodies and cause us to neglect or ignore them. Get more in tune with your body’s signals, reduce jitters and obtain sustainable energy with mushroom coffee substitutes. If you want to keep enjoying caffeine, that’s also great. You can combine these extract powders to make mushroom coffee or tea. The benefits of medicinal mushrooms used in coffee alternatives are supported by scientific research. 

    If you’re looking for an effective and natural way to reduce, eliminate or enhance your caffeine intake, understanding how to find the RIGHT mushroom coffee alternatives is essential. 

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